Health Risk Appraisal

This is an educational tool. It shows you choices you can make to keep good health and avoid the 20 most common causes of death for a person your age and sex.

This Health Risk Appraisal is not a substitute for a check-up or physical exam that you get from a doctor or nurse. It only gives you some ideas for lowering your risk of getting sick or injured in the future.

It is NOT designed for people who already have Heart Disease, Cancer, AIDS, Kidney Disease, or other serious conditions. If you have any of these problems and you want a Health Risk Appraisal anyway, ask your doctor or nurse to read the report with you.

If you are at least 12 years old and wish to participate in the Health Risk Appraisal, please enter your age and sex below.

The data I use comes from about 1985 and there is a wonderful recent article that details how the common causes of death have changed between 1980 and 2014, not just in the US as a whole but county by county. Be sure to look at the "figures and tables" section.

Age (5-90):