Thanks to my wife, Maribet, for tolerating all the hours I spent in front of the computer working on this project. Thanks also for all of her good advice.

Thanks to my son, Ben. He brought up his own website this spring while waiting for a work visa from Canadian immigration. Seeing what he did with his website helped inspire me to finally take this project on. He showed me how to host the site from home using He also brought the Python programming language to my attention. I sure wasn't going to write this in PERL.

Thanks to Dr Lewis C. Robbins who originated the idea of Health Risk Appraisal. Thanks to Dr Jack Hall who popularized the idea and co-authored the book Prospective Medicine together with Jack Zwemer.

Thanks to the CDC Center for Health Promotion which did the work that put Health Risk Appraisal on a sounder scientific basis.

Thanks to Lynda B. M. Ellis who was my faculty advisor many years ago and introduced me to Health Risk Appraisal.

Thanks to the open software community for their invaluable tools including:
the Unix underpinnings of Mac OS X
the Apache webserver
the Python programming language
the Mod-Python integration of Python and Apache
The most recent version dispenses with Apache and uses the bobo web package for python and runs on a Raspberry Pi computer.
Thanks to my dog Gracie for coming over to give me a kiss every 10 minutes while I worked on the project; she knows you shouldn't be alone.