Description of Bug:

You may or may not want to include your EMAIL ADDRESS in the message above. Note that I've asked for information
you might consider private in the course of the HRA but I never asked for your name or other identifying information.
If you enter your email, you may compromise your privacy (e.g. drinking, driving etc.). If your answers shown below aren't an accurate reflection of the ones that caused the bug please tell me what your answers were.

answers={'smokenow': 'x', 'totchol': 'xxx', 'HDL': 'xxx', 'seatbelt': 'xxx', 'alcohol': 'xx', 'numcigs': 'xxx', 'carmiles': 'xxx', 'pipes': 'xx', 'motorcyclemiles': 'xx', 'knowBP': 'x', 'drivedrunk': 'xx', 'knowchol': 'x', 'carsize': 'x', 'systolic': 'xxx', 'numcigsdid': 'xxx', 'quityrs': 'xx', 'chews': 'x', 'cigars': 'xx', 'speed': 'x', 'diabetes': 'x'}