Dr. Fixit

In the early 1980's I wrote a recurring column for the monthly Minnesota AYH newsletter under the pseudonym Dr. Fixit. I have had some of these columns on deteriorating paper copies of the AYH Hosteler. Dr. Fixit eventually won an award from the national AYH for best recurring humor column. There must not have been much competition! The helmet test was the best of the bunch, I think. I decided to post some of them here:

April 1983
May 1983--The Helmet Test
August 1983
September 1983--Riding in the Heat
April 1984--Chucka Chuck
May 1984--Bike Path Ends
June 1984--The 1984 Ironman
July 1984--Here be Monsters
September 1984--City Bikes
Late 1980's--Cycling Kings

Chimpanzee accepting award

Dr. Fixit claiming his award