John R. Raines M.D.

I practice internal medicine with Aspen Medical Group in Maplewood, a suburb of St. Paul, MN. I started programming when I was student at Carleton College in the late 1960's--back in the days when computers were bigger than refrigerators and had much less computing power than my cellphone/PDA does today.

During medical school at Northwestern University I worked on a computer project led by Dr F John Lewis.

After residency I moved to Minneapolis and began practicing at the Community University Health Care Center. During a period of budget difficulty I reduced my hours to 50% time and earned a masters degreee in Biometry and Health Information Systems at the University of Minnesota.

I first encountered Health Risk Appraisal during that period; as a project towards getting my masters degree I developed a Health Risk Appraisal that ran on an Apple II computer.