LeadCauses is an educational tool that runs on PalmOS. It asks your age and sex and shows the 20 most common causes of death for a person over your next 10 years. The list of dseases it shows is the same as the list used in the first stage of this Health Risk Appraisal.

LeadCauses (unlike the full Health Risk Appraisal) does not ask further questions (e.g. blood pressure, cholesterol, smoking, driving habits, etc.) to individualize your risk of death.

Neither LeadCauses nor Health Risk Appraisal is a substitute for a check-up or physical exam that you get from a doctor or nurse. It only gives you some ideas for lowering your risk of getting sick or injured in the future.

It is NOT designed for people who already have Heart Disease, Cancer, AIDS, Kidney Disease, or other serious conditions.

            Download LeadCauses for PalmOS