Motor vehicle accidents

This is your risk of dying in a car accident. Your risk is increased by
spending more time on the road or riding in a vehicle with a driver who has been using alcohol or drugs. Your risk is decreased by using your seat belt, by staying within the speed limit and by riding in a larger vehicle.

Over the years, the risk of traveling one mile in a car has gradually fallen because of use of seat belts, child safety seats, better engineering of the car's interior for safety, better highway design, more ambulances and emergency medical services and decreased acceptance of driving after drinking. In 1966, about 55,000 traffic deaths occurred in 1 trillion miles driven. In 1990, 44,500 traffic deaths occurred in over 2 trillion miles.

The data are about 25 years old; it is difficult to accurately adjust the models used for the changes over the past 25 years. The risk of having a car accident has not changed much. Anti-lock brakes did not reduce accidents as much as was hoped. Starting with the 2012 model year stability control is standard and that may affect the rate of having accidents The risk of dying of car accidents has gone down as described above.

You can see more information about speeding, drinking and driving, and seat belt use.