The surprising news about weight is that it matters where the fat is located! Fat that is located inside the abdominal cavity plays a bigger role in causing high cholesterol, diabetes, and hypertension than fat that is elsewhere. Fat hips and thighs do not raise your risk of heart attack, stroke, artery disease and diabetes as much as a 'pot belly' does.

Exercise helps lose weight and has a special role in fighting diabetes, hypertension and in raising the HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol).

This program uses frame size in addition to height in determining what your ideal weight is.

Recently public health experts have begun to focus more attention on the epidemic of obesity in the U.S.A. You may have seen statistics that emphasize the risk to health from weight more than this health risk appraisal does. The difference in emphasis comes from decisions about separating the effects of weight on cholesterol, hypertension and diabetes into separate items or lumping all those adverse effects of weight together. Here we separate the effects of those items, in part, because we can measure and treat hypertension and cholesterol separately. I don't mean to imply that all of these factors don't also group together in what we call the "metabolic syndrome".

The National Institutes of Health has information about weight control.

I do have some diet suggestions that make sense to me.

Here is a great cartoon that makes the right point!